Personal Shopping and Styling

Ken Q provides personal shopping services for a diverse clientele including men, women, teens and kids from all backgrounds, lifestyles, ages, sizes and professions. Ken Q’s vast knowledge of current fashion, fashion history, traditional styles and current trends allows them to shop for such a diverse client base with tastes ranging from classic to urban to avant-garde and everything in between. Their goal is to always make their clients feel and look great and they take great pride in doing so. 

Personal shopping services begin with Ken Q creating their client's signature style which consists of apparel, shoes and accessories that complement their physique, personality, lifestyle, fashion goals, personal style and budget. Their signature style will also consist of color palettes that flatter their skin tone and fabrics that work well with their body type. Next, Ken Q will shop with or for their client for apparel, shoes and accessories that complement their signature style. The last step is a fitting where a client will try on their new wardrobe. During the fitting Ken Q will assist with creating ensembles and accessorizing them. Ken Q will also take pictures of the ensembles for a client to reference when getting dressed.  

Personal shopping services are perfect for creating a new wardrobe, enhancing and completing your existing wardrobe, seasonal wardrobe changes and travel wardrobes. They're a great service for people who are overwhelmed by fashion, simply don't like shopping, don't have time to shop, are looking to revamp or change their look, have lost or gained weight or are starting a new career or new phase of life. 

Ken Q also provides personal styling services where they will shop for a specific outfit for a special event such as personal or family photo shoots, events and weddings.

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